Delivering power packed visuals for your content strategy 

We are bombarded by messages these days asking us to read, review, buy, and engage with all sorts of things ranging from news about our community, friends, and family, to what to buy at H-E-B. Stop and look around you right now. How many messages can you see that want your attention? There are quite a few, right? What catches your attention quicker than anything? A great video or photo can get you to stop and look a little more carefully at what’s in front of you every time.

A compelling photo or video is far more likely to capture attention than just a written paragraph. According to Search Engine Journal, people process visual stimulation 60,000 faster than text. So, we think it is imperative that you use strong imagery through photos and video to support your content strategy. Images are critical to getting people to pay attention and engage with your business.

Here are some great ideas for incorporating visual content to make your business an exciting place.

Start with a plan

What are your goals? How do you want your photos and video to amplify your story?  Do you want to increase visitors to your website, find new sales leads, or get existing customers engaging more often with you on social media?  Once you have taken the time to think about what visual story you want to tell, both on your website and social media, you can start to develop a plan for how to achieve your goals. When businesses use photography, video, and graphics to tell their story they get bigger results.

What do I use?

Think about your own habits. What gets your attention? Do you look at cool photos or eye-catching video? Often a simple graphic with information will be read quicker than a paragraph with text. So be sure to pick the type of visual content that is most relevant to your audience and that will best help move your business forward.

Don’t just rely on one type of visual content. Use a variety of visuals, such as photography, video, infographics, and illustrations to keep your content interesting and visually appealing. That way your audience should never be bored with the visual story you want to tell about your business.

Create high-quality visuals

Be sure your photos and video are of high quality. Be sure they are composed well and the lighting looks good. Not everyone is a video producer or photographer in addition to running a business. There are great options to help you paint the visual brand you are seeking. You do not need to be a professional videographer or photographer for you to achieve your visual goals, but don’t let your imagery look like a 5-year old was behind the lens. Keep in mind that people tend to buy products from businesses that do not cut corners, that they trust, and businesses that take the extra steps to pursue excellence.

Do It Yourself

There are websites such as and which have free tools to help you create professional-looking video, photography, and graphics to help tell the story of your business. Most of these tools are designed with the amateur in mind. They are relatively easy to learn and can help you produce visuals that will be appealing to your audience. Both have convenient tools that can help you format your visuals for a wide range of social media and digital platforms.

Get help

There are plenty of small and large marketing firms in San Antonio that specialize in visual story telling. These firms can help you with a range of projects that will help you tell and sell your story.

“A well-planned video that is eye-catching and tells your business story well has a better chance of engaging a new customer than just words on a page or social post,” said Jeff Goldblatt, who was a TV news reporter and anchor of 25 years before becoming Founder and Managing Member of Jeff’s Journey’s.

Promote your visuals

Don’t hide your masterful marketing! Once you have created high-quality visuals, promotion is key. Be sure that your new photos or videos can be seen in as many places as possible on the web.

Social media:

Be sure to post your new visuals and videos on social media to engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. After all, there is no cost for you to post content on your own social media pages. You can also use social media to run contests and giveaways that feature visual content.

People have their own unique social media habits. Think about your own. Customers are more likely to engage with the brands they like on their favorite platforms. Be sure to post your visual creations on the platforms where you know your customers are browsing, scrolling, and reading daily.

Email marketing:  Be sure to include your photos, graphics, and videos in your emails. This is sure to make them more visually appealing and increase the chances someone will respond to the message you are providing. You can also sign up for digital newsletter platforms such as Constant Contact or MailChimp and use images and videos in digital newsletters to support special promotions. Once they read about a special they may just keep reading about what else your business has to offer.

Website: Be sure to use those high-quality images and videos on your website to capture attention and persuade visitors to continue browsing or reading.

Leveraging visual content to help tell the story about your business is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience, increase engagement, and get results.

Be sure your visuals are relevant to the topic of your content and to your target audience.

Be careful that videos are not too long when you build them into your website. A video with a large amount of data can prevent a website from loading quickly and prevent a potential customer from having a great experience when they visit your site. Slow-loading websites can also mean difficulty when it comes to search engines. They know a slow-loading website can mean a poor customer experience and you don’t want that!

Bottom line: the use of compelling photography, graphics, and video can help you tell a story about your business that will have your customers engaged and wanting to interact with you over and over again. That translates into business success!